Pulse Research is conducting a comprehensive statewide reader shopping survey. The purpose of the survey is to provide our newspaper member advertising teams with current reader and website visitor purchasing and shopping information for advertising sales presentations.

The statewide survey documents member reader and website visitor household shopping for over 600 different business types and over 1500 individual products and services. Statistical results will be generated from over 120 questions in the survey. There is no cost to the Wyoming Press Association or WPA newspaper members as our results will be incorporated into the national Pulse of America survey.

To promote reader participation in the shopping survey members are encouraged to run house ads and website banner ads through the end of the year. Newspaper readers will be encouraged to visit the survey website with the opportunity to be entered to win $3000. WPA members can obtain the survey invitation house ads, instructions and more information at: https://www.pulseresearch.com/poa.html.

The WPA will receive the tabulated results from Pulse Research from the shopping survey in January 2020 to distribute to members along with suggestions on how to use the shopping information in your advertising sales presentations. Should have any questions please contact the WPA office at (307) 635-3905 or email wyopress@wyopress.org.