Spot News

1. Gillette News-Record, “Driver ejected,” Ed Glazar.

2. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Storms bring hail, tornado to area,” Blaine McCartney.

HM. Gillette News-Record, “Attic fire,” Ed Glazar.

General News

1. Gillette News-Record, “The sky’s the limit,” Ed Glazar.

2. Sheridan Press, “Digging out,” Justin Sheely.

HM. Laramie Boomerang, “It means a lot for us,” Shannon Broderick.


1. Sheridan Press, “Reflecting sunshine,” Justin Sheely.

2. Sheridan Press, “Behind the scenes, “Justin Sheely.

HM. Laramie Boomerang, “Fair time fun,” Shannon Broderick.

Sports Action

1. Gillette News-Record, “Valentine’s Day Massacre,” Ed Glazar.

2. Gillette News-Record, “Upended,” Ed Glazar.

HM. Laramie Boomerang, “Cowgirls soccer, Fresno State Battle to draw,” Shannon Broderick.

Sports Feature

1. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Leap of faith,” Blaine McCartney.

2. Sheridan Press, “Williams athlete of the year,” Justin Sheely.

HM. Gillette News-Record, “Bowled over,” Kelly Wenzel.


1. Riverton Ranger, “Paint job,” Daniel Bendtsen.

2. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Frosted photography,” Blaine McCartney.

HM. Sheridan Press, “Snowy walk,” Justin Sheely.


1. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Watching over us,” Jacob Byk.

2. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Pronghorn on the prairie,” Jacob Byk.

HM. Casper Star-Tribune, “Flower hour,” Alan Rogers.


1. Casper Star-Tribune, “Art and activism,” Josh Galemore.

2. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Gary Sims and the 150-gun salute,” Jacob Byk.

HM. Sheridan Press, “Continuing traditions,” Justin Sheely.

Photo Story

1. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Cowboy Challenge,” Jacob Byk.

2. Wyoming Tribune, Eagle, “Rally in the Sugar Valley,” Blaine McCartney.

HM. Laramie Boomerang, “Kicked around,” Shannon Broderick and Ike Fredregill.

Best Use of Photographs

1. Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

2. Casper Star-Tribune.

HM. Riverton Ranger.


Spot News

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Landslide damages highway,” Brad Boner.

2. Powell Tribune, “Canal crash,” Mark Davis.

HM. Lander Journal, “Fiery burn,” Kelli Ameling.

General News

1. Cody Enterprise, “Hot, cross... walk,” Bob Kennedy.

2. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Eclipse patrol,” Brad Boner.

HM. Powell Tribune, “Shoshone River clearing up below dam,” CJ Baker.


1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Chewbacca on the chairlift,” Ryan Dorgan.

2. Cody Engerprise, “Rock on,” Rebecca Noble.

HM. Cody Enterprise, “Cow licks,” Deva Patina.

Sports Action

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Smackdown,” Ryan Dorgan.

2. Douglas Budget, “And the crowd goes wild,” Phillip Harnden.

HM. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Boulder comp,” Ryan Dorgan.

Sports Feature

1. Powell Tribune, “Smashtoberfest,” Mark Davis.

2. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “This Bud’s for Joe,” Ryan Dorgan.

HM. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Morning Glory,” Ryan Dorgan.


1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Teton County Fair,” Ryan Dorgan.

2. Cody Enterprise, “Park now closed,” Raymond Hillegas.

HM. Powell Tribune, “Harvest Moon,” Mark Davis.


1. Powell Tribune, “Ramming speed,” Mark Davis.

2. Powell Tribune, “Sandhill sunset,” Mark Davis.

HM. Powell Tribune, “A wing and a prayer,” Mark Davis.


1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Gap Pucci,” Brad Boner.

2. Powell Tribune, “The Archer,” Mark Davis.

HM. Powell Tribune, “Busy Beekeeper,” Mark Davis.

Photo Story

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Alyssa Fairbanks,” Ryan Dorgan.

2. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Gap Pucci,” Brad Boner.

HM. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Calf to Case,” Brad Boner and Ryan Dorgan.

Best Use of Photographs

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide.

2. Powell Tribune.

HM. Cody Enterprise.


Spot News

1. Thermopolis Independent Record, “Chilly morning rescue,” Lara Love.

2. Torrington Telegram, “Fire destroys rural home,” Andrew Brosig.

HM. Lovell Chronicle, “Running toward the flames,” David Peck.

General News

1. Thermopolis Independent Record, “A Prehistoric Event,” Mark Dykes.

2. Lovell Chronicle, “Top of the water tower,” Dustin McClure.

HM. Thermopolis Independent Record, “Snow showers,” Mark Dykes.


1. Torrington Telegram, “Waterslide,” Andrew Brosig.

2. Dubois Frontier, “Retirement Ceremony,” Vic Augustine.

HM. Thermopolis Independent Record, “Get to the bucket piggy,” Dennis Nierzwicki.

Sports Action

1. Torrington Telegram, “Doggers season in review,” Andrew Brosig.

2. Torrington Telegram, “Todd Walker hug,” Erick Starkey.

HM. Torrington Telegram, “Runners up!” Andrew Brosig.

Sports Feature

1. Lovell Chronicle, “Riding the Triathlon,” David Peck.

2. Newcastle News Letter Journal, “Pitch perfect,” Sonja Karp.

HM. Saratoga Sun, “Ingraham Champion,” Keith McLendon.


1. Dubois Frontier, “Tree with a view,” Vic Augustine.

2. Dubois Frontier, “Expanding its domain,” Christine Smith.

HM. Dubois Frontier, “Momentary illumination,” Christine Smith.


1. Dubois Frontier, “Fox interrupted,” Christine Smith.

2. Dubois Frontier, “Who me?” Tylyn Hust.

HM. Dubois Frontier, “Huddled down,” Tylyn Hust.


1. Thermopolis Independent Record, “Devastated,” Cindy Glasson.

2. Glenrock Independent, “Tried and true,” Phillip Harnden.

HM. Kemmerer Gazette, “Passing on the Branding Iron,” Michelle Tibbetts.

Photo Story

1. Torrington Telegram, “It’s game time,” Andrew Brosig.

2. Torrington Telegram, “Going to the Dogs,” Andrew Brosig.

HM. Dubois Frontier, “Packhorse races,” Vic Augustine and Christine Smith.

Best Use of Photographs

1. Torrington Telegram.

2. Lovell Chronicle.

HM. Saratoga Sun™.