1.) General News Story

1. Casper Star-Tribune, “From a grateful nation,” Elise Schmelzer.

2. Laramie Boomerang, “Student says UW police officer dragged him out of class,” Jeff Victor.

HM. Riverton Ranger, “Trial delayed after angry scene Friday in courtroom,” Daniel Bendtsen.

2.) Spot News Story

1. Northern Wyoming Daily News, “Ice Jam Flooding,” Karla Pomeroy, Tracie Mitchell -- Great timeline and sub-headers help tell the story. Numbers are used effectively to demonstrate major impact. Good photos help tell the story. I really liked the “Return Tuesday?” question and the “caution” statement at the end for well water users. Very informative and comprehensive piece of work.

2. Rocket-Miner, “Complete Upset,” Ann Jantz -- Great way to visually present a complex story that contains a lot of moving parts. I also appreciate the quotes that were used to express the highly emotionally charged reaction of those involved. Good headline, good design, solid writing.

HM. Casper Star-Tribune, “Wetzel is out as police chief,” Elise Schmelzer, Arno Rosenfeld -- Well written, even though many people wouldn’t speak to the specifics of the issue. I also liked that the reporter called out the wife for swerving towards the reporter- readers should understand what we go through at times. I appreciate the background on the city, dept. and Wetzel himself. Well done.

3.) In-depth Reporting

1. Casper Star Tribune, “Coal country 1-year,” Seth Klamann, Heather Richards.

2. Gillette News-Record, “Some voters stumped; No hangover: As many decry Trump win, coal country cheers; Promises, promises; After the war,” Greg Johnson.

HM. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Unlawful contact charge dismissed,” Sarah Zoellick.

4.) Government Issue Reporting

1. Casper Star-Tribune, “Small town audits,” Katie King -- Long lead but it was good enough to keep my attention. A lot of in-depth reporting and explanation on the action-reaction. A tough competition to judge, but this was the one that stuck out as having the most impact.

2. Casper Star-Tribune, “McDonald departure,” Arno Rosenfeld -- Tough questions were asked here. Kudos for doing that job for your readers. Balanced reporting.

HM. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Council to rule on rezoning for affordable apartments,” Austin Huguelet -- A great package of information that readers should appreciate.

5.) News-Feature Story

1. Gillette News-Record, “Helping hand,” Kathy Brown -- Strong and inviting lede that takes the reader on a journey of strength from someone who is inherently vulnerable. Emotional writing.

2. Casper Star-Tribune, “A labor of love,” Heather Richards -- Really got to the grit of the job well and made the feature relevant with news. Nice job pulling back the veil on this dirty job.

HM. Gillette News-Record, “Aladdin still has magic,” Patrick Filbin -- Nice slice of life and in the moment reporting. Captured the day well.

6.) Feature Story

1. Casper Star-Tribune, “Bringing Chris home,” Elise Schmelzer -- It’s all about storytelling, and this is a compelling story told well. It has the facts, woven with narrative and quotes - and emotion. Excellent work.

2. Casper Star-Tribune, “A knock at the door,” Elise Schmelzer -- “A knock at the door” puts a face on a national issue and brings home something many of us hear/read about but don’t quite understand.

HM. Gillette News-Record, “Finally found,” Patrick Filbin -- A nicely done personal story, told with the emotion it deserves.

7.) Column Writing

1. Casper Star-Tribune, “Open Spaces column,” Christine Peterson.

2. Riverton Ranger, “Steve Peck,” Steve Peck.

HM. Gillette News-Record, “Millennials just don’t get no respect; The opinion page is for all voices; Captain Toad is now part of the family,” Ann Turner.

8.) Sports News Story

1. Casper Star-Tribune, “Rawlins freshman runs to perfection,” Brady Oltmans -- Well written. Comments from her coach would have added more to the story.

2. Riverton Ranger, “RHS wins last-second comeback,” Craig Blumenshine -- Would have loved to gotten comments from the kicker. Would have added a lot more to story.

HM. The Sheridan Press, “Shortage of youth officials,” Mike Pruden -- Could have been shortened a little and maybe had comments from another official or two on what they think the reason is for shortage of officials.

9.) Sports Column

1. The Sheridan Press, “By Mike Pruden” -- Great variety and tone in writing. Columns are approachable and fun. Not being afraid to poke a little fun at yourself gives comfort to the reader.

2. Casper Star-Tribune, “Brandon Foster Column” -- Excellent lifting of the veil on UW programs and insight for tuned-in fans. Strong endings to columns.

HM. Riverton Ranger, Scott Akanewich -- Good variety of columns on local sports and not just national issues.

10.) Sports Feature Story

1. Gillette News-Record, “Twin terrors,” Jason Kort -- The competitive fire of the brothers shines through in this story. This is clearly the best of a crowded division.

2. Casper Star-Tribune, “The long road back,” Brady Oltmans -- Good use of quotes to tell the story. The young wrestler’s determination is well documented.

11.) Outdoors / Environmental Reporting

1. Casper Star-Tribune, “More questions than answers,” Christine Peterson -- The clear winner. Visceral writing paired with strong reporting. Reporter made difficult to understand topics approachable. Excellent reporting packages helped by maps and graphics.

2. Casper Star-Tribune, “New Congress changes game,” Heather Richards -- Strong ledes with understandable topics. Would have liked to be taken on a journey a bit more. Environmental reporting begs to bring that reader to that environment.

12.) Education Reporting

1. Casper Star-Tribune, “School closure,” Seth Klamann -- Powerful storytelling. In-depth interviews from multiple voices personalize the story, while at the same time, hard numbers and data support the articles throughout.

2. Laramie Boomerang, “University of Wyoming coverage,” Jeff Victor -- Nice job localizing a national issue, finding ways to show the impact on the local area.

HM. Riverton Ranger, “Education funding,” Daniel Bendtsen.

13.) Business/Energy Reporting

1. Riverton Ranger, “Randy Tucker Business and Energy Reporting,” Randy Tucker.

2. Casper Star-Tribune, “Vulnerability on display,” Heather Richards.

HM. Gillette News-Record, “Carbon dated; One lump at a time; Mixed signals: Is the oil barrel half empty or half full?,” Greg Johnson.

14.) Agriculture Reporting

1. The Sheridan Press, “Preserving flavor, Money through grapevine, Your food and you,” Chelsea Coli -- Strong ledes and interesting topics. Distilled the story high up and then took readers on the journey into the weeds.

2. Casper Star-Tribune, “Wild horses,” Arno Rosenfeld -- Strong reporting on a large, regional topic. Writer clearly has great deal of knowledge on the issue. Work on ledes, right now they feel like the nut graph.

15.) Arts/Entertainment/Culture Reporting

1. Casper Star-Tribune, “Art and activism,” Elysia Conner -- Good variety. Well-written. Interesting topics.

2. Laramie Boomerang, “Live and let tutu, Babe House obituary, Peace and cornbread,” Jeff Victor -- The tutu story crosses boundaries and was perfect for page 1. Nicely done.

16.) Obituary Writing

1. Casper Star-Tribune, “Teacher had a ‘loving soul,’” Seth Klamann -- This obituary offers a well-rounded picture of the teacher’s life. It’s filled with telling details and compelling quotes. Clearly the best of this category.

2. Laramie Boomerang, “On to greener pastures,” Ike Fredregill -- Praise to the editor who didn’t balk at an obituary for a horse. The owner’s grief is palpable. This is a story sure to touch animal lovers everywhere.

17.) Miscellaneous Specialty Reporting

1. The Sheridan Press, “Opioid addiction,” Ashleigh Fox -- Very relevant topic. Good data and facts used to educate the public on the extent of the opioid issue and what local medical professionals believe can help. I also liked the focus on alternate medicine to solve pain issues for some. Very well done.

2. Casper Star-Tribune, “Health,” Seth Klamann -- Really nice job of tying in how this national story impacts everyone in Wyoming. Glad you pointed out that the three delegates from Wyo wouldn’t answer specific questions- very similar here in South Dakota. I appreciate how you went to a variety of people that truly understand the impact of this legislation. Good work on a complex subject.

HM. Gillette News-Record, “Remembering our past;” Fighting spirit; Murder on their minds; Methane memories,” Kathy Brown -- So much rich history in the archives of newspapers. I really enjoyed reading about how those topics from back in time are still relevant today- and can still teach us lessons if we’re wise. Great job of research and well written- this was a tough category. Keep up the excellent work.

18.) Headline Writing

1. The Sheridan Press, Staff -- Headlines were concise, but also creative and impactful.

2. Riverton Ranger, Steve Peck -- Headlines were accurate and to the point.

HM. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Staff -- Headlines were factual and concise.

19.) Special Sections

1. Casper Star-Tribune, “Roam Wyoming,” staff -- What a great publication. Lots of local info and fantastic photography. I imagine readers eat this up.

2. Gillette News-Record, “10 Who Made a Difference,” staff -- Love this publication. Simple design but makes an impact. Great short, quick hitter stories on each person/couple.

HM. Gillette News-Record,” Rodeo Dailies,” staff -- I’ve never seen more in-depth coverage of a rodeo, especially one that included stories every single day. Great photos, great coverage.

20.) Use of Graphic Elements

1. The Sheridan Press, “Game of the Week,” Mike Pruden, Justin Sheely -- Nice impact with the large photo and simple phrase. I like the attention to detail of how the color fade on the words match the light and shadow on the football player.

2. The Sheridan Press, “All-State Baseball,” Staff -- Great impact with cut out photos and use of color.

21.) Information Graphic

1. The Sheridan Press, “Soaring eagles,” Staff -- Large, impactful and I love the circular call out.

2. The Sheridan Press, “4A football,” Mike Pruden -- Good scale, impactful and full of good information.

HM. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “150 years of Cheyenne newspapers: A timeline,” Nicole Lebsack -- A lot of information presented in a readable way.

22.) Front Page Design

1. Casper Star-Tribune, Staff -- Easy to read and the info you want, clean layout and design.

2. Gillette News-Record, Staff -- Nice clean layout, no butting headlines and easy to tell what info goes with what.

HM. The Sheridan Press, Staff, Doug Sanders -- Good hierarchy and easy to follow along.

23.) Open Page Design

1. Wyoming Eagle Tribune, “The perfect jack-o’-lantern,” Nicole Lebsack -- Love the use of the jack-o’-lantern graphic and info integrated around the images.

2. The Sheridan Press, “PJ Savoy,” Mike Pruden -- Good use of photo and text placement to be interesting but also readable.

HM. Casper Star-Tribune, “Eclipse double-truck,” Staff -- A lot of information on one page, but does not look too overwhelming to read.

24.) Small Ad

1. The Sheridan Press, “Roosters,” Jon Cates -- Good use of color and artwork really draws your attention to the beverage special. Looks good!

2. Riverton Ranger, “Riverton Chamber Trick or Treat,” Anita Duran, Kristin Hoffman -- Good contrast of black/gray/white, ad really stands out. Good use of artwork!

HM. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “B&B Appliance & TV,” Courtney Roberts -- This is a cute/happy ad.

25.) Institutional Ad

1. Riverton Ranger, “Triton Tough,” Anita Duran, Cathy Cline – I like the community support idea for the benefit of someone in the community that is struggling.

2. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Gill Windows,” Fran Frost -- Nice artwork that conveyed the spirit of the season and a connection with the window business!

HM. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Continue Care,” Fran Frost -- Layout and design has a very warm feeling... which is what everyone wants in a home!

26.) Merchandise Ad

1. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Just Dandy,” Stephanie McGee -- The layout and use of color really draw your attention. The photo of the girl and horse clearly demonstrate what kind of products this store features. Well done!

2. The Sheridan Press, “Sheridan Motor Green Truck,” Jon Cates -- The bright/bold colors in this ad alone draw your attention. The fact that no other ads use as much color really help this ad pop! The color of the truck alone draws your attention, but the red pop really draws your eye.

HM. Gillette News-Record, “Cowboy Christmas in July,” JR Study -- This is a well-designed ad. It’s very professional and displays the product well. Good use of color in the ad itself; other ads sort of distracted from this one on the page though.

27.) House Ad

1. The Sheridan Press, “Widen Your Reach,” Alana Bratz, Katie French -- Design, layout and typography were very well executed on this ad! It captured my attention and I wanted to see the entire ad! Well done!

2. Gillette News-Record, “Need a hand with your house hunting?,” Staff -- The graphic told the story right away. It put the connection between the newspaper and the people looking for a house!

HM. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Merry Christmas Wyoming Tribune Eagle,” Fran Frost -- Artwork and layout nicely done! I like that all the employees were included in wishing the readers a Merry Christmas.

28.) Use of Color in Ad

1. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “The Gill Window Company,” Stephanie McGee -- The color on this ad gives such a feeling of spring and the typography works well, giving the entire ad such an elegant look.

2. Gillette News-Record, “Black Rock: Merry Christmas,” JR Study -- How do you make a skeleton Christmassy? Well, the color on this one definitely did the job!

HM. The Sheridan Press, “Rec District Volleyball,” Alana Bratz, Janea LaMeres -- Just the small amount of color on this ad did the job. Very nicely done!

29.) Best Designed Ad

1. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Omni Interlocken Resort,” Fran Frost -- This ad wins due to clean, elegant layout and use of color. This is a very attractive ad and stands out well on the page. Well done!

2. Gillette News-Record, “Railyard,” JR Study -- I love this ad for how simple it is but also grabs your attention. Bold/big lettering that pops! It’s served well that there are no other ads around it to distract.

HM. Gillette News-Record, “We’ve Got You Covered,” Sunny Roberts -- I appreciate that the upholstery before/after is not just two photos side by side. I like the overlap of the image. This ad shows what this business does quickly and works well.

30.) Best Brand Promotion Using Social Media

1. The Sheridan Press, Staff -- So many papers ignore Instagram. Whoever manages this account gets it, from the logo to pic/subject selection. Active Twitter, and Facebook videos. Good.

2. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Josh Rhoten -- Social used for breaking, very good. Twitter/FB posts seem to have the right voice for the medium and the subject.

HM. Gillette News Record, Staff -- Videos are very shareable and watchable on Facebook. Looks very timely, local, lots of faces and “things doing.”

31.) Best Promotion of a Story using Social Media

1. Laramie Boomerang, Shannon Broderick, Ike Fredregill, Peter Baumann -- Using video for story updates on FB is excellent. Keystone fire Love that they are “brief” — tells user what to expect. Wall to wall updates. The Boomerang is on top of it!

2. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Josh Rhoten -- Good to involve the community in this interview, before, during and after. This content was maximized.

HM. The Sheridan Press, Staff -- Really shareable photo.

32.) Public Service Award

1. Riverton Ranger, “Students Guide to Eclipse Science,” Staff -- A great community service project that helped alleviate what could be a problem for your region. Congrats on the work.

2. Riverton Ranger, “What’s Next?,” Staff -- After putting together a piece like this, you typically feel great because you know, somehow, you’ve helped at least a few people. That means something.

33.) Freedom of Information Award

1. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “DAPL/Murder,” Josh Rhoten, Katie Kull, Brian Martin -- The clear winner. Keep up the investigative work. Not much else needs to be said. Watchdog stuff right here.

2. The Sheridan Press, “Public Records,” Ashleigh Fox -- Informative for all your readers. Easy to read and understand.

34.) Best Web Site

1. Riverton Ranger, “dailyranger,” Craig Blumenshine, Claire Peart -- What a clickable page! The dominant image — which I assume changes? — is really special. The grid formation and headline font choice make the “gray” stuff attractive. Very unique website. Good job.

2. Casper Star-Tribune, “Trib.com,” staff -- Very attractive site. The use of photos is quite good. Thursday 12/14 centered image of Devil’s Tower — very unique presentation for a news site.

35.) Best Web Page

1. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Wyosports,” Wyosports Staff -- Very attractive, well organized, with well-placed links (preview magazine) and videos. Feels much more like a sports site than the sports tab on a newspaper site.

2. The Sheridan Press, “Destination Sheridan,” Staff -- Good stuff, good content to own.

36.) Plus Business Advertising Idea

1. Riverton Ranger, “Great American Eclipse in Wind River Country,” Staff -- This publication did a great job capitalizing on a rare event. Way to get revenue from a one-time event. And using the event in other publications to get everyone involved was great.

2. Laramie Boomerang, “20 Under 40,” Sara Haugen -- I like the way you selected individuals in the community for this. A great way to gain readers when they know that local people will be in a publication.

HM. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Homebuyers Guide,” Graphics Advertising – I think this is a great way to create revenue from a selected niche in the community that might not always buy larger ads.


1.) General News

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Dreamers, allies march in Jackson,” Allie Gross -- Excellent job of localization of a national story, showing how the politicians in Washington are affecting real lives in Jackson, WY. Very thorough reporting. This is a well-crafted story with top-shelf writing and editing.

2. Powell Tribune, “Badger Basin murder,” CJ Baker -- Interesting and very detailed coverage of sentencing to conclude homicide saga, with several good quotes to flesh out the motivation of the killer.

HM. Powell Tribune, “In Powell, Brokaw takes pulse of America,” Don Cogger -- Well-written account of legendary newsman’s visit to Powell and his reason for being there.

2.) Spot News Story

1. Douglas Budget, “I-25 Gunfight,” Ethan Brogan -- A tough contest, but a clear winner. Good work!

2. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Search on for suspected killer,” Emily Mieure -- A close second. Good job!

HM. Cody Enterprise, “Winter storm buries Cody,” Cassandra Sturos, Rhonda Schulte.

3.) In-depth Reporting

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Calf to Case,” Erika Dahlby.

2. Cody Enterprise, “Buffalo Bill Series,” Lew Freedman.

HM. Star Valley Independent, “Red Baron,” Sarah Hale.

4.) Government Issue Reporting

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Government battles turnover,” Melissa Cassutt, Emily Mieure, Kylie Mohr, John Spina -- Great series. Looked at the problems from all angles. Well written, and interesting to read.

2. Buffalo Bulletin, “School district, Kaycee parents to hash out differences,” Stephen Dow -- Well-written stories on an emotional subject. Good use of quotes throughout the stories.

HM. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “SPET coverage and analysis,” John Spina, Melissa Cassutt, Kylie Mohr, Emily Mieure -- Well-researched series. Provided readers with all necessary information. Liked how in-depth the coverage was.

5.) News-feature Story

1. Douglas Budget, “Un-broken,” Jen Kocher.

2. Powell Tribune, “From Peru to Yellowtail,” Mark Davis.

HM. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Kids on cutting edge in diabetes trial,” Melissa Cassutt.

6.) Feature Story

1. Douglas Budget, “Unbroken,” Jen Kocher -- Touching story on a tough subject. Love the picture.

2. Powell Tribune, “Aiming for the horizon,” Mark Davis -- Well done! I felt like I was flying with him while reading this. Pictures are great.

HM. Uinta County Herald, “Damn cancer!; Wilcox: Getting mad, fighting empowers me,” Bryon Glathar -- What a great story on a horrible disease. What a great attitude and it was well portrayed.

7.) Column Writing

1. Uinta County Herald, “Kids, State Legislators / Would the real John Barrasso / Me too,” Sheila McGuire -- Dealt with important issues with a deeper perspective than was shown by her competition.

2. Cody Enterprise, “Wyoming Life,” Lew Freedman -- If not for some structural mistakes, Freedman would have been in First place

HM. Lander Journal, Randy Tucker -- Taught us things we didn’t know but seemed to have trouble staying on topic, but has an excellent writing style.

8.) Sports News Story

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “The Cup Comes Home,” Clark Forster -- This was a comprehensive and well-penned account of the Jackson Hole Moose cup victory. Insightful locker room quotes from key players, but also liked the ‘He said it’ box with comments from other contributors.

2. Star Valley Independent, “Shane National Champ,” Dahl Erickson -- Nicely-told story of an athlete overcoming a pre-race injury to win a national steeplechase title. Lots of good detail about how the runner and his coach dealt with a badly swollen ankle.

HM. Cody Enterprise, “Quake win championship,” Lew Freedman -- Good, crisp writing with lively quotes. Good story structure. Freedman does a good job of coming full circle from his lede to the final paragraph.

9.) Sports Column

1. Cody Enterprise, “Behind the Score,” Lew Freedman -- The reader can feel his passion for sports.

2. Uinta County Herald, “Looking forward to being your news sports editor / Carroll tells it how it is / Focus should be on local sports,” Josh Hall -- Understands the nature of a local sports editor and is more interested in the athletes in his community than writing about state or national athletics.

HM. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Mountainside,” Molly Absolon.

10.) Sports Feature Story

1. Cody Enterprise, “It put a smile on his face,” Amber Peabody -- I love this story that shows young people in a positive light - with compassion and decency. I teared up a little when I read it - that’s a winner for me!

2. Buffalo Bulletin, “For the love of hockey,” Jennifer Burden -- This is a great family story. Well written and personal.

HM. Star Valley Independent, “Sports Talk,” Sarah Hale -- You can sense Dahl’s excitement through the story. The photos match the image you have of him while reading about him.

11.) Outdoors/Environmental Reporting

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Coverage from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem,” Mike Koshmrl -- Very interesting subjects and well written stories. Provided plenty of background and expanded well on the subjects.

2. Powell Tribune, “Outdoor reporting,” Mark Davis -- Unique stories and well written. The third story on John the deer wasn’t as compelling as the others.

HM. Cody Enterprise, “Women of the outdoors,” Lew Freedman -- Would have loved to give this a higher ranking, but the writing did not have as good of flow as the others in this category. Sometimes it was hard to follow who you were writing about. The story on the handicapped hunter was excellent.

12.) Education Reporting

1. Powell Tribune, Tessa Baker” -- Great variety. From budget cuts to an art project that received support and funding from online followers - and then back reality with guns in the school. Well written with good photos.

2. Jackson Hole News&Guide, Kylie Mohr -- Great photos! Stories very interesting with quotes from teachers and students. Amazing to know kids get these opportunities when cut-backs are becoming the norm.

HM. Douglas Budget, Sandra Mudd -- Good information on a rising problem.

13.) Business/Energy Reporting

1. Cody Enterprise, “Chinese Tourism series,” Lew Freedman -- Excellent three-part series on Cody’s draw of Chinese tourists. This was a thorough, well-researched, well-planned and well-executed project.

2. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Business Coverage in Teton County,” Erika Dahlby -- Dahlby is a strong business reporter who writes well and finds good content. She makes her topics interesting with engaging ledes and polished text that flows smoothly.

HM. Buffalo Bulletin, “Uranium companies ride it out/BLM talks sage-grouse overhaul/Oil prices inch closer to sustainability,” Jennifer Burden -- Lean, but informative articles on oil and uranium price trends. Good reporting.

14.) Agriculture Reporting

1. Buffalo Bulletin, “Agriculture Reporting,” Jen Sieve-Hicks.

15.) Arts/Entertainment/Culture Reporting

1. Jackson Daily News & Guide, “Dance coverage and culture,” Isa Jones.

2. Powell Tribune, Don Cogger.

HM. Jackson Daily News&Guide, “Arts coverage and culture,” Tom Hallberg.

16.) Obituary Writing

1. Powell Tribune, “What really “Mathers” in a journalist,” CJ Baker -- Got a very good sense of who this person was from the obituary. Liked that you included samples of his writing. Well written, and kept my interest throughout.

2. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Shelley Simonton,” Melissa Cassutt -- The obituary made me think I would have liked to known this person. The only drawback was the length, I think it could have been shortened a little to make it a better read. Overall, very good job.

17.) Miscellaneous Specialty Reporting

1. Cody Enterprise, “Rodeo stories,” Lew Freedman -- Great topic, stories and photos. Well written and interesting to read.

2. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Avalanche and Snow Science coverage,” Erika Dahlby -- Well written. Great photos. Not only interesting but educational.

HM. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Health Coverage,” Kylie Mohr -- Great coverage with a variety of ages and surgeries. Information on insurance fit perfectly.

18.) Headline Writing

1. Douglas Budget, Staff -- Simply, Wow! The Budget has lots of big, bold, punchy headlines sure to pull their readers into stories. They are not wordy titles, but all words used in these headers are chosen wisely. Well done!

2. Jackson Hole News&Guide, Staff -- The Guide takes a more traditional approach to headlines and they do a fine job with them. These heads may not have as much muscle as the first-place winner, but they are certainly award-worthy. I especially liked ‘Jackson goes kooky for cookies.’

19.) Special section or supplement

1. Jackson Hole Daily News&Guide, “Headwaters,” Mike Koshmrl, Colleen Valenstein, Kathryn Holloway.

2. Buffalo Bulletin, “Summer Vista,” Buffalo Bulletin staff.

HM. Douglas Budget, “Bearcat Illustrated 2017,” Phillip Harnden, Ryan Collins.

20.) Use of Graphic Elements

1. Cody Enterprise, “Miracle of the Mind,” Amber Peabody, Cassie Capellen -- The colors are beautiful and I love the idea of the whole thing. It makes me want to read more about Cody and his journey. Terrific graphic!

2. Cody Enterprise, “Flu Cases on the Rise,” Amber Peabody, Cassie Capellen -- I love the graphic and color in this ad. It makes me want to learn more about flu vaccines. The graphic really jumps off the page. Great layout!

HM. Douglas Budget, “Boom Ahead,” Phillip Harnden -- I like the idea and the graphics are good. However, it does not really intrigue me to read the article.

21.) Information Graphic

1. Powell Tribune, “Sow What? & when,” Carla Wensky, Tessa Baker -- Nice design, very interesting. Easy to read and catch the eye! Great job!

2. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “SPET Housing,” Kathryn Holloway -- Clean, easy layout!

22.) Front Page Design

1. Cody Enterprise, Amber Peabody, Cassie Capellen -- Nice, clean front pages. The other entries in this category used too many pictures and different fonts. Keeping pictures to a minimum and using them effectively put this entry at the top.

2. Powell Tribune, Staff -- The August 15 issue was the best. Pages could have been improved with fewer pictures, as well as fewer font choices. Some of the headlines were hard to read because of the font choices.

23.) Open Page Design

1. Powell Tribune, “Barley, Beans and Bales,” Staff, Steve Johnston -- Now this is a page design that I REALLY like! The only thing I wish were different were that the combine in the top photo was red instead of green (ha ha). All jesting aside, I don’t know if there’s anything on this page I don’t like. Great job and keep up the good work!

2. Douglas Budget, “Going Strong,” Phillip Harnden -- Okay, the “8” with the photos is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Excellent job on this feature page!

HM. Douglas Budget, “Field of Dreams,” Phillip Harnden -- Love it. Simple, clean, powerful. Lots of white space. Good work!

24.) Small Ad

1. Buffalo Bulletin, “Oil Xchange,” Stacy Bronson - - The artwork in this ad really catches my eye. When I look at the page it is the first thing to jump out at me. The colors work really well at drawing attention as well. Nice job!

2. Powell Tribune, “Pets are family,” Gary Staebler, Jessica Herweyer -- The ad is very well put together. The photo is very eye-catching. The placement of the wording and clipart is nicely done.

HM. Buffalo Bulletin, “Medicare Part D,” Stacy Bronson -- The image is very well selected. It almost jumps off the page, however the rest of the ad is very plain and has a lot of type, my mind wants to wander as I read.

25.) Institutional Ad

1. Cody Enterprise, “You Dream It... We’ll Build It,” Shannon Severude, Cassie Capellen -- The ad is very well put together and has great graphics.

2. Cody Enterprise, “We Take Our Design Cues From Nature,” Megan Barton, Cassie Capellen -- The graphics are nice. The top graphic is very pleasing, and I like the heading.

HM. Buffalo Bulletin, “Light of Hope Breakfast,” Stacy Bronson -- The graphic and the information fit well together and is very well put together.

26.) Merchandise Ad

1. Powell Tribune, “Barley understanding words?,” Gary Staebler, Toby Bonner – Very clean and even had you giggle a little when you read it. The words and the picture say it all. Great job!.

2. Cody Enterprise, “We’re Expanding,” Mike Voss, Michelle Milner -- The picture and the words say it all. Nice job!

HM. Buffalo Bulletin, “Krafts Fine Jewelry,” Stacy Bronson – Nice, clean ad. The rings really pop and draw your attention to the ad.

27.) House Ad

1. Powell Tribune, “Reach Fairgoers,” Gary Staebler -- Beautiful design, not too busy! Great job!

2. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Glamping Teton Family,” Sarah Wilson, Colleen Valenstein -- Nice design for a special section. Caught your attention.

HM. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “2 for 1 Subscription,” Lydia Redzich -- Nice ad. Like how you included the gift subscription and the giver!

28.) Use of Color in Ad

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Grey Crane Studios,” Lydia Redzich -- The colors are very appealing and pleasant to look at. They work very well together and have a very cool and calming effect.

2. Uinta County Herald, “Davis Chiropractic,” Sue Bruynes -- The colors work well together and are very vibrant. The ad definitely stands out on the page and draws my eyes toward the information.

HM. Buffalo Bulletin, “Step into summer,” Stacy Bronson -- The colors are very nice. It really has a summer feel.

29.) Best Designed Ad

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Mountain Modern Motel,” Sarah Wilson -- The name of the motel reflects the trendiness of the pictures. Nice job.

2. Cody Enterprise, “Wine Might Not Solve Your Winter Woes,” Shannon Severude, Cassie Capellen -- Nice job on the ad. Cute and cozy!

HM. Uinta County Herald, “Darren Bideaux RV,” Kelsie Liechty, Good placement and use of colors.

30.) Best Brand Promotion Using Social Media

1. Powell Tribune, “Cutest Pet Contest,” Gary Staebler, Tessa Baker -- Cutest pets and galleries are great social fodder. I like that the winner was announced on FB, but driving to core product for additional winners. Good job.

2. Powell Tribune, “Community Calendar,” Gary Staebler, Tessa Baker -- Good, promotable content.

HM. Cody Enterprise, Staff -- Strong, attractive photos and content, but posts don’t drive FB users to submit pics online/FB, link-outs to home sites, ad pitch that demands phone call, etc.

31.) Best promotion of story using social media

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Winter Storm,” Staff -- Great job on getting power outage info out. Very good photography and use of FB, Twitter (hashtags) and Instagram.

2. Cody Enterprise, “Winter Stories,” Staff -- Good job with weather videos. Try using text in FB posts to tell readers something they don’t know, and urges them to participate.

32.) Public Service Award

1. Lander Journal, “Public Health Concern,” Kelli Ameling -- This was an outstanding example of community journalism that provided a public service. Kelli Ameling’s four-part package of stories was a difference maker, leading to a plan of correction to unsafe conditions at a local health care facility. Bravo!

2. Green River Star, “Conflict of interest at county hospital,” David Martin -- Good job by Green River Star editor David Martin of explaining a county hospital official’s self-serving conflict of interest.

33.) Freedom of Information Award

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Freedom of Information Act,” Mike Koshmrl, Melissa Cassutt, Kylie Mohr -- Very informative and interesting. Great follow through from column to column.

2. Lander Journal, “City Salaries,” Kelli Ameling -- Lots of information, but slightly hard to follow.

34.) Best Web Site

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, Staff -- Very attractive and well-organized news site. Easy to navigate.

2. Uinta County Herald, Bryon Glathar, Josh Hall, Kae Ellis -- Love love love the big images!

35.) Best Web Page

1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, “Solar Eclipse 2017,” Staff -- Looks like a subsection, but that’s OK ... told people it was special by giving special treatment. Limited-time “pop-up” sections can be valuable

36.) Plus Business Advertising Idea

1. Green River Star, “ABCs of safety,” Lois Lewis, Stephanie Thompson -- What an original idea. It makes me want to continue reading to find out what else I can learn. It is very appealing and has nice use of color.

2. Cody Enterprise, “Buffalo Bill Center of the West Centennial Edition,” Staff -- The images are to the point and very bold. Very eye-catching.

HM. Powell Tribune, “Gift card giveaway,” Staff -- The concept is a good idea, but I am not crazy about the colors. The layout is nice, though.


1.) General News Story

1. Glenrock Independent, “Knock in the Dark,” Ethan Brogan, Phillip Harnden -- A very detailed accounting of the events that took place on a Saturday night. It’s clear that a lot of work went into talking to people – residents and law enforcement – before print in a short amount of time. This article was extremely well written.

2. Kemmerer Gazette, “Residents recognized for helping with murder case,” Theresa Davis -- The fact that this article ran next to the sentencing of the individual apprehended was a great layout move. The article itself gave enough detail about the crime, but focused on the real event which was the awarding of the citizens. Great job!

HM. Sundance Times, “The Trial of the Moorcroft Mayor,” Sarah Pridgeon -- This was a very surprising article that was well written and done in a concise manner. It was intriguing and kept the reader’s attention throughout the article. Very nicely done!

2.) Spot News Story

1. Sundance Times, “Holloman House Fire,” Sarah Pridgeon -- Thorough coverage of a local fire. Gives readers some real-time reporting of the fire and good perspective.

2. Saratoga Sun, “Halloween Blaze,” Fred Broschart -- A Halloween twist to reporting this fire and reporter carries it well.

3.) In-depth Reporting

1. Kemmerer Gazette, “D.J. Harrison murder trial coverage,” Theresa Davis, Michelle Tibbetts, Lia Martin, Joy Ufford -- Lots of good background information and followed it all along the way.

2. Sundance Times, “Aiming for Balance: Gun Bills with the Legislature,” Sarah Pridgeon -- Good balance and background.

HM. Saratoga Sun, “Rescue to rescuer,” Mike Armstrong -- Good history and details. We felt like we knew the family and dog when done reading.

4.) Government Issue Reporting

1. Moorcroft Leader, “Mayor’s controversial appointments,” Grace Moore -- Thorough, balanced reporting for what obviously was a controversial issue locally. Reporter covers it well.

2. Saratoga Sun, “Mayors deal with the knife,” Mike Armstrong -- I like the enterprise aspect of surveying area mayors about how they are dealing with cuts. Good work.

HM. Newcastle News Letter Journal, “Landfill issues,” Alexis Barker -- A deserved honorable mention in what is a competitive category.

5.) News Feature Story

1. Thermopolis Independent Record, “Thermopolis women reflect on emotional Vegas shooting,” Cindy Glasson -- Not only did this piece do an excellent job of localizing a national tragedy, but also brought the reader right into to the horrific scene these women experienced.

2. Torrington Telegram, “A trip down memory lane,” Andrew Brosig -- Best descriptive writing in the group. The students’ anticipation was palpable through the colorful storytelling.

HM. Sundance Times, “Free the Black Hills,” Sarah Pridgeon -- Great educational, well-researched piece. Good read.

6.) Feature Story

1. Basin Republican-Rustler, “Hard work reaps sweet harvest,” Zach Spadt -- From the headline to the lead to the body of the story, the reader glides eagerly along in this well-written, informative piece infused with just the right amount of personality. Very nice accompanying photo as well.

2. Torrington Telegram, “Baby enters world during eclipse,” Crystal Albers -- The headline piqued my interest and the story kept me wondering what would happen next. I really like the provider quotes -- and way to go mom, what a champ to let the nurses and docs see the eclipse!

HM. Guernsey Gazette, “Scout award project brings kids together,” Vicki Hood -- I love the super-descriptive lead -- it took me right back to my own days on the playground decades ago!

7.) Column Writing

1. Saratoga Sun, Keith McLendon -- The three examples left me wanting to read and enjoy more columns. The columnist weaves comedy, introspection and knowledge of the topics in a delightfully convincing way.

2. Thermopolis Independent-Record, Mark Dykes -- A great dose of positivity and down to earth writing...refreshing!

HM. Torrington Telegram, Andrew Brosig -- Well researched, well written, introspective -- a pro is clearly at work here!

8.) Sports News Story

1.Torrington Telegram, “THS earns Homecoming revenge, punches postseason ticket,” Erick Starkey.

2. Saratoga Sun, “Wyoming Open racks ‘em up early,” Fred Broschart.

9.) Sports Column

1.Torrington Telegram, Erick Starkey -- You’ve likely ingratiated yourself with your readers by chronicling your exploits in hunting. Smart move for an “outsider” and the self-deprecating tone isn’t laid on too thick.

2. Newcastle News Letter Journal, “Karpe Dogie,” Sonja Karp -- Giving your two cents on a national issue is always a good way to get a sports column cranked out. Adding a local spin would have been even better.

10.) Sports Feature

1. Newcastle News Letter Journal, “On the Ball,” Jenna Piper -- Absolutely loved this article of the reunion of the umpires. I especially enjoyed the joking they did back and forth; it had me laughing and coworkers wondering what I was doing. However, I did find the Hitler joke tasteless and unnecessary to the article.

2. Lovell Chronicle, “Mickelson brothers: Setting the stage for the LHS wrestling program,” David Peck -- Induction article of three wrestlers, but doesn’t start out like a normal induction article. Takes an original twist where the history of the three guys is presented before the actual induction information. Very original idea to give each brother their own article off on the jump page. It layed out and flowed nicely. Awesome!

HM. Greybull Standard, “Sorensen, 11, says 'Let 'er buck,’” Marlys Good-- I found this article intriguing that someone as young as 11 would start riding bulls. The writer captures Jayce Sorensen’s passion of riding bulls. Great job!

11.) Outdoors/Environmental Reporting

1. Saratoga Sun, “Pacificorp, Landmarks disappear, CWD,” Mike Armstrong -- Good, detailed information on important topics. Good variety of issues. Very interesting reading!

2. Sundance Times, “Landfills, Water Wells and Hunting,” Sarah Pridgeon -- Nice work reporting on a variety of important issues. Comfortable writing style makes them easy to read and gives the reader a good understanding of issues.

HM. Saratoga Sun, “In a rut, Trek talks trail, Tags bags bull,” Keith McLendon -- Interesting pieces, love the supporting art and headlines.

12.) Education Reporting

1. Sundance Times, “Funding Cuts Lead to Closure of Alternative School,” Sarah Pridgeon -- Good news writing on a continuing topic with a lot of emotion. Felt both sides were very well represented. Good quotes and accompanying photos.

2. Wind River News, “School plans food backpacks for every student with help of new grant; Arapahoe STEM students explore augmented reality, 3D printing; ‘Bold Leaders’ come together under Indian Education for All bill,” Alejandra Silva -- Interesting topics to read about. Very informative and easy to read. Photos helped gain interest in the stories as well as local quotes.

HM. Saratoga Sun, “Aiming for control, Class gets pro start, Reading, research and recording,” Keith McLendon -- A variety of topics - but all fun to read about.

13.) Business / Energy Reporting

1. Saratoga Sun, Fred Broschart -- I can tell this reporter is well-versed in business and energy reporting, and serves readers well in this capacity. The reporting is well-thought-out and written in ways that nab interest right away, despite being topics that might not be the most “interesting” to some. #1: the lede is written in a way that grabs attention in a way most energy stories do not. The facts are all laid out very logically. I did notice a few skipped words, which leads me to believe this story was written on deadline, raising the value of how it is done from a colleague’s point of view, but possibly lowering it from a reader’s. #2: Strong, matter-of-fact lede sets the stage for reporting that is thick with statistics, but well-written so it does not become muddy. #3: Great job localizing an international topic! These things are so complex--readers need the words of a skilled reporter such as this one to help them understand how they affect them and their communities. Well done! This reporter is skilled at business and energy reporting, and seems to do his readers well in this role. Could use a few quotes (other than the press release) to strengthen #1 & #2 and give them more merit with readers, but the lack of them certainly does not diminish the quality of reporting.

2. Sundance Times, Sarah Pridgeon -- #1: Great job taking a complex commodity and making it make sense to readers who may not be as familiar with uranium as the reporter clearly is. #2: Great lede, and wonderful reporting on a topic that is so important to all of us, though many of us have little understanding of it. #3: Solid reporting, but perhaps too many anecdotes for one lede. (Side note--not considered in judging of this entry: I love the “Grappling with Fire” headline! Punny!!)

HM. Saratoga Sun, Mike Armstrong -- Solid reporting, although #1 & #2 relied too heavily on quotes, while #3 contained none.

14.) Agriculture Reporting

1. Newcastle News Letter Journal, “Prairie Dog Control,” Alexis Barker.

2. Torrington Telegram, “Ag lending gets shot in the arm from Congress,” Andrew Brosig.

15.) Arts/ Entertainment/ Culture Reporting

1. Saratoga Sun, “Fiasco opens, Setting tone, Oak Ridge,” Mike Armstrong -- Pretty exciting news for the locals! Good work making us feel like we are part of the events and know the people involved.

2. Sundance Times, “Winterfest, Old Stoney and Parade Problems,” Sarah Pridgeon -- Good reporting on important local events and how they impact the community and residents.

HM. Saratoga Sun, “Conoco a go-go, Cowboy culture, What the what?” Fred Broschart -- These sound like fun events -- good detail. You made me feel like I was at the party.

16.) Obituary Writing

1. Glenrock Independent, “Mary Kay,” Jen Kocher -- It is obvious through the writing and pictures that Mary Kay was a staple in the community. I understand how much Mary Kay meant to everyone in the community. This article was extremely well done and thought out.

2. Newcastle News Letter Journal, “Grandma,” Kim Dean -- A fitting tribute on Mother’s Day to all the women in our lives. This article discusses a particular woman’s influence on her family and shows how much people cared about her. This was nicely written and makes readers think about the loved ones in their lives.

HM. Guernsey Gazette, “Community Pays Final Respects to Pedro,” Vicki Hood -- A nice tribute to an obvious role model in the community. However, there were questions left unanswered such as how old he was or how he died. Otherwise, the picture and the introduction grabbed the reader’s attention and was wrapped up nicely in the conclusion.

17.) Miscellaneous Specialty Reporting

1. Newcastle News Letter Journal, “Cashing in on history,” Bri Brasher.

18.) Headline Writing

1. Saratoga Sun, Keith McLendon -- You had me at “It’s Oil and the details.” That clever headline made me want to read the story. Oil and the details! Good use of subheads. Your most effective were the 3-4 word headlines with 8-9 word subheads. You lost a point with bad font choices. Just because it’s sports or a feature doesn’t mean you can play with fonts. Play with your words!

2. Sundance Times, Jeff Moberg, Sarah Pridgeon -- Good balance between long headlines and short headlines/longer subheads. Your pages are very busy, so work on using headlines to tell your reader what they should look at first.

19.) Best Special Section

1. Newcastle News Letter Journal, “Sip the Hills,” Bob Bonnar, Jess Yarnes, Kara Sweet -- Wonderful section from start to finish. Great local stories and so much information about the industry - very interesting. Good job.

2. Saratoga Sun, “Graduation edition,” staff -- Very neat and organized. Was very clear to tell the different schools within the section.

HM. Thermopolis Independent Record, “Eclipse,” staff -- Just missed placing in the top two - great cover, lots of information about a one time event.

20.) Use of Graphic Elements

1.) Glenrock Independent, “Anti Social Media,” Ethan Brogan, Phillip Harnden -- Nice use of the phone screens to not only illustrate the story, but to demonstrate the fluid nature of social media. You probably should have identified the screen as belonging to the council member’s wife.

2.) Lovell Chronicle, “Max Eli,” Karlie Hammond, Dustin McClure, Staff -- A perfect illustration to your story, had you made it 4 columns wide rather than 5 so as not to interrupt the text under his hands.

21.) Information Graphic

1. Newcastle News Letter Journal, “Laura Chord Memorial Track Meet Results,” Stephanie Bonnar -- These are the most interesting track stats I’ve ever read. It’s an innovative way to marry results and a graphic. Excellent!

2. Saratoga Sun, “Firearm cartridges allowed by game,” Keith McLendon -- This graph has a lot of information, but is so well-organized it’s not overwhelming.

HM. Basin Republican-Rustler, “Chronic wasting disease info,” Karlie Hammond -- Good information, but your graphic is a bit too simplistic. Because the information you’re presenting is fairly concise, a more complex deer would have been a nice offset.

22.) Front Page Design

1. Sundance Times, “Front Page Design,” Jeff Moberg -- Good use of grouping photos to give one dominant focal point. There’s no doubt what the most important story is on your page, (although the Aug. page got a little muddled, with three unrelated photos.) Way to draw in your readers!

2. Thermopolis Independent Record, “Thermopolis Independent Record,” Staff -- Your dominant photos are excellent. They really set the tone for the page. You would have won, except your front page doesn’t really look like a front page with its short-story-as-part-of-the-masthead masthead. It was very confusing.

HM. Lovell Chronicle, “Lovell Chronicle, Front Page Design,” Karlie Hammond, Staff -- Your basic layout is good and usually told me where to start on the page. Try not to muddy it up with too many photos, especially sitting on top of each other. Great masthead!

23.) Open Page Design

1. Newcastle News Letter Journal, “Sports,” Stephanie Bonnar -- Took some eye-catching risk with the diver, but it worked for me.

2. Greybull Standard, “Sports,” Dustin McClure, Karlie Hammond, Staff -- Good balance, liked the symmetry.

HM. Saratoga Sun, “Skijoring,” Keith McLendon -- Fun picture, lots of information easily presented for the reader.

24.) Small Ad

1. Thermopolis Independent Record, “John Roberts,” Dennis Nierzwicki -- Nice use of the photo - clean and open ad - readable.

2. Lovell Chronicle, “Fall Craft Fair,” Dustin McClure -- Like how the ad is spread out and not too crowded. Good use of art work

HM. Newcastle News Letter Journal, “Trophy Tour,” Bob Bonnar, Stephanie Bonnar -- Nice ad - like the buck - draws the eye.

25.) Institutional Ad

1. Lovell Chronicle, “Bank of Lovell,” Karlie Hammond -- This is clever - and not over done. Great job!

2. Thermopolis Independent Record, “Hospitality and customer service workshop,” Dennis Nierzwicki -- Nice ad - the handshake is just the right touch.

HM. Newcastle News Letter Journal, “Prayer of Thanksgiving,” Stephanie Bonnar -- This is great - it is so rare to see anything spiritual in the paper anymore, everyone is so afraid of offending someone else.

26.) Merchandise Ad

1. Lovell Chronicle, “Bighorn Beef,” Karlie Hammond -- Very eye catching. I love the artwork being so large.

2. Thermopolis Independent Record, “Days Inn,” Donna Pennoyer -- Cute - love the play on words. Only thing would make this better would be color.

HM. Lovell Chronicle, “Redd’s Lights & Blue - CR Liquor,” Karlie Hammond -- Great play on the words and use of color.

27.) House Ad

1. Thermopolis Independent Record, “Not sure why business is slow?” Donna Pennoyer -- Perfect - it is what we tell our advertising clients all the time.

2. Saratoga Sun, “Read it in the Sun,” Keith McLendon -- So cute and so right on to bring people to the paper.

HM. Basin Republican-Rustler, “Glass Half Full,” Karlie Hammond -- Love the comparison.

28.) Use of Color in an Ad

1. Lovell Chronicle, “Minerals Technologies,” Dustin McClure -- Red highlights on the white script lettering makes it jump from the page. Great use of color! Size of ad also makes it stand out above the rest.

2. Dubois Frontier, “Outpost Grand Opening,” Christine Smith -- Crisp, contrasting colors make this ad pop. Large format with uncluttered details make this a winner.

HM. Newcastle News Letter Journal, “Summer Swimming,” Stephanie Bonnar -- Great way to pull colors from the photo. Simple and clear contrasting colors. Great ad.

29.) Best Designed Ad

1. Thermopolis Independent Record, “Gottsche,” Dennis Nierzwicki -- Good use of art. I liked the photos of smiling staff. The copy provides information about the services offered without being too wordy. Very nice overall.

2. Saratoga Sun, “Country Store,” Keith McLendon -- I loved the graphic telling about all that’s happened in 30 years.

HM. Dubios Frontier, “Coyote Blue,” Christine Smith -- The eye is really drawn to this ad as soon as you open the page. An attention getter.

32.) Public Service Award

1. Lovell Chronicle, “Scam series,” Patti Carpenter -- Very informative articles on a topic that affects many. Good job.

34.) Website

1. Torrington Telegram, Staff -- Big headlines, big photos, short scroll. Love that! Simple, clean design that puts the best local stuff up front. “Just Posted” is very helpful. Scrolling photo galleries also nice. I’d suggest putting videos higher on the page.

2. Lovell Chronicle, Staff -- A newsier version of the WordPress template. Looks good.

HM. Greybull Standard, Nathan Oster, Dustin McClure -- Not easy to do a website for a weekly. I liked the simple top navigation, big photos and simple scrolling. Great use of WordPress blogging features (tags like “People” give site a lot of flexibility).