Major Awards 2019

General Excellence


  1. Casper Star-Tribune, 99 — The Star-Tribune shows a heavy investment in reporting even without the 12-page, largely ad-free section on the Black 14. Writing was excellent and plentiful throughout. Strong local editorials.
  2. Gillette News Record, 86 — The Gillette News Record features good local writing and photos. The layout is clean and easy to read. Local editorial has a signature. That’s a nice touch. Headlines are engaging.


  1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, 93 — This is a tab that makes good use of its size, never cramming too much news on a page. Good, plentiful writing in each edition. Good use of photos. A top-notch publication.
  2. Powell Tribune, 82 — The Powell Tribune features newsy, well written front pages. Writers aren’t afraid of using humor in their stories. Good local editorials. Paper has a clean layout.


  1. Glenrock Independent, 90 — This is the paper for big photos played well on the page. Front pages are newsy and well written. Photos get good play throughout the paper. Unlike many weeklies in this category, they care enough to offer a locally written editorial in each edition.
  2. Dubois Frontier, 80 — Don’t let the tab size fool you — this paper has big aspirations with solid writing and good use of photos. Action photos in sports were used well. Overall, a solid publication.

Editorial Leadership


  1. Wyoming Tribune Eagle — Consistently great, consistently clean editorial entries with strong arguments on a variety of issues related directly to its readership. Bold presentations, well-written. Practical. The two-parter on homelessness, in particular, shows what makes this paper special. Part I is a good, heartfelt grabber of a story. Part II offers a practical breakdown once it has readers hooked. Diplomacy also shows how well the editor anticipates the paper's audience, treading on tough ground in how it criticizes the mayor but finds a way to bring it home through context. Consistently pointed, direct, easy-to-read writing with strong advocacy for the community it serves. Never minces words.
  2. Casper Star-Tribune — Consistent advocacy for groups that need it most. Stands up for youth, goes after politicians for not focusing on constituents first, localizes national issues well. Also does a nice job of taking local issues and using them to make people think about larger ideals. Good about making a call to action. Great arguments. Consistent focus on economics and how the money plays into these topics. There is a consistency in the messaging overall, and editorial are regularly good about anticipating the issues readers might bring to the table (on a variety of subjects). With some small refinements (unnecessary repetition and a general shortening of certain arguments), this could be in the top spot.


  1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, 96.5 — Editorial voice offers workable solutions to local problems, and offers depth in its thoughts that would give pause even to opponents of views. Love the use of analogies to put into perspective the actions of local officials and the Wyoming Legislature. Editorials seem to result from conversations with varying voices. Yes, move the rodeo.
  2. Cody Enterprise, 88.6 — Editorials are short and crisp, carrying enough background to bring new readers up to task yet finishing strong without boring them. Some had quotes, which provides a direct link to sources who have played a role in local opinion. What’s up with the Stampede Board? Glad you took it to task.


  1. Glenrock Independent — Editorials which demanded officials on a new senior center district board conduct business in an open, law-abiding manner, or else, were an excellent display of leadership for the community and necessary protection of public interest.
  2. Northern Wyoming News —The editorials provided positive reinforcement for a community struggling through tumultuous economic times with the closure of retail stores, as well as apparent downsizing at the newspaper itself. Good leadership in tough times.

Advertising Excellence


  1. The Sheridan Press, 82 — Strongest showing of ads, local and regional, in the group. Clean layout and easy to read. I noticed a couple of ads could use better spacing or borders as they flowed into each other, and a couple that would have benefited from competitive separation. Best overall in this group —- well done!
  2. Gillette News Record, 67 — Publication seems to have a good amount of locally produced ads.


  1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, 90 — This publication wins based on sheer volume of ads. This is like three to four newspapers in one. All ads were well done and spaced throughout the publication. Only complaint is the legal bid notices — they seem unorganized and distracting. Would benefit with better placement with other legals. Classified section is good. Organized and easy to read.
  2. Powell Tribune, 84 — Well done creative and layout of ads. Lots of local advertising. Classifieds are well organized and easy to navigate.


  1. Lovell Chronicle, 92 — Several local ads. Good use of color. Business directory and classifieds are the most organized and easy to read/search through in the category. Well done!
  2. Newcastle News Letter Journal, 89 — Good amount of local ads throughout publication. Good use of color. Appreciate the layout of ads on odd-numbered pages. I like that they are on left/outside edge of page, not trapped in the center. Easier to catch reader’s eye. Business directory is well done.

Typographic Excellence


  1. Gillette News Record, 98 —- The News Record has a clean, easy-to-read layout throughout the publication. Briefs are plentiful and handled well. This paper’s not afraid of using big photos. Photos and typography keep long stories from becoming masses of gray.
  2. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, 88 — The good layout here features big, bold headlines, often run in color. Its commitment to design even overcomes those half-page ad flaps on section fronts. Colorful page headings can be tough to read with white type on a blue background.


  1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, 98 — There is first-class design and reproduction on each page. This is the way a tab-size publication should look. Plentiful photos are always used in a well-thought-out layout. Calendar feature is packed with items and still manages to be attractive.
  2. Green River Star, 92 — The large web it uses doesn’t get in the way of the green River Star producing attractive pages. Photography is crisp, clear and often featured in large photos. Front pages are well designed.


  1. Glenrock Independent, 95 — Photos are big, clear and crisp. Fronts and inside pages have a clean, readable design. Some thought goes into the design of all pages — not just the front page.
  2. Dubois Frontier, 90 — The front page of this tab doesn’t fall into the trap that ensnares many publications with small pages — not doesn’t try to cram too much news on the front page. Layouts are clean and readable, though front pages could use more variety.

Veteran Journalist of the Year:

Casper Star-Tribune, Alan Rogers — Sounds like you are valued by your employer. Keep up the good work.

Young Journalist of the Year:

Jackson Hole News&Guide, Allie Gross — Gross is a talented writer and versatile reporter, covering everything from a heavy metal music festival to local control issues in Teton County. Among Allie's projects that stood out was a deep dive into workplace injuries suffered by undocumented workers. She also wrote a gripping story about a local woman who did not receive justice after being sexually assaulted at her job. Allie has a track record of great teamwork and partnering with others in her journalistic endeavors.



Photographer of the Year, dailies

1. Casper Star-Tribune, Cayla Nimmo — Some very nice singles, although no story appears to be a part of the portfolio.


Photographer of the Year, large weeklies

  1. Jackson Hole News&Guide, Bradly J. Boner — The most complete portfolio with a variety of strong singles including pictorially strong with strong emotional photos mixed in. A very well done edit.


Photographer of the Year, small weeklies

  1. Torrington Telegram, Andrew D. Brosig — This portfolio had the strongest variety of images that showed storytelling moments.



Daily: Laramie Boomerang, “Softball proposal,” Daniel Bendtsen

Large weekly: Douglas Budget, “What a drag,” Mike Moore

Small Weekly: Glenrock Independent, “Sterling’s success,” Cinthia Stimson


Photo of the Year:

Laramie Boomerang, “Softball proposal,” Daniel Bendtsen.


Overall photographer of the year:

Bradly J. Boner, Jackson Hole News&Guide