Morgan Blaney, BHS senior

I think I should definitely say how much my writing and picture taking has improved, but one thing that I had to learn to be a part of this project was to be timely and reliable with my work. I learned how to get my ideas out there for others to hear and I learned the “rules” for doing that in a public paper. Journalists truly are artists.

Georgia Wages, BHS senior

During my time as a BHS journalist, I have not only learned how to write at a publishable quality, but I have realized the value of free speech and the power of journalism. Sometimes writing is the only way to get your point across in an effective and dynamic way. I’ve loved my time as a journalist at BHS and I cannot explain how grateful I’ve been for the opportunity.

Marie Ihnat, BHS senior

I learned a lot about writing and journalism from being a Pemmican staff member. I never would have known the differences between writing an essay and writing an article for a paper if I hadn’t been lucky enough to join the Pemmican. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be on the Pemmican staff because it renewed my love for writing and journalism.

Aloura Goodson, BHS senir

I have learned that the way you present a topic or idea impacts the community on intimate and global scales. In today’s world, there are so many hot button topics being discussed, as they should, but plenty of newspapers are pushing a narrative they know their audience will respond positively to. As a journalist you have the power to adjust ways of thinking and the actions of your audience, so be conscious of the content you produce but let your voice be heard.

Ayleen Meriam, BHS senior

To be a journalist on a large scale is something that has the potential to be very intimidating. I think that it’s something that is important to tackle, however, and do your best to bring accurate, non-biased news to the public eye.

Quynn Kennedy, BHS senior

Throughout my time as a BHS journalist, I have acquired an inborn appreciation for journalism and journalists. My time as a journalist has allowed me to delve into global issues and see the impact it has on a smaller scale. I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity to give the students of BHS a voice in the community.



Published in the Buffalo Bulletin 05/09/2019