The Wyoming Press Association will be awarding newspaper members funding to assist in the establishment of websites for legal newspapers who either do not have websites or websites that do not have content or limited functionality.  

The funding will pay for the entirety of the website development, technical support, and all tech services related to the website monthly for the entire first year. Following the 100% funding (for the first year) of the newspaper website, newspapers will have a discounted monthly fee of $150. 

Each newspaper that receives the assistance and funding will need to agree to work with our partnered website developer Lions Light Software Solutions (, agree to place a link to the Wyoming Public Notice website on their site, and post their local legal notices on their new website free and easily found by users. 

The fundamental purpose of this program is to get all WPA members in a position to have functional websites, so that their local public notices and other important services provided by newspaper in their print product will also be available on the web.  

The WPA board of directors will review interested newspapers and implementation of the digital initiative recipient will be at the discretion of the board. There is a cap on this year’s funding for the initiative so availability will be limited and based on necessity. 

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Darcie at the WPA office at to set up a phone call meeting or a Zoom video call with the website developer.