A new graduate teaching assistantship has been created for an experienced person in photography and visual communication who would like to earn a master’s degree in communication. The person receiving this assistantship must be enrolled as part of the master’s degree program in the Communication and Journalism Department at the University of Wyoming. The person would teach photography each semester and would assist the instructor of the visual communication and digital video production classes as needed. The assistantship pays for nine credits in fall and spring, as well as the fees related to the degree. A master’s degree stipend will be included each month during the school year.

In addition to the regular application process for entrance into the Communication and Journalism graduate program, as shown in http://www.uwyo.edu/cojo/graduates/index.html, you must send an overview statement of why you are qualified for the position and a resume to Kristen Landreville, Graduate Director of Communication and Journalism, at klandrev@uwyo.edu.