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Available beats include covering: health care, Native American issues, education, environment, seniors, military bases, criminal justice and government accountability in local news deserts. 

Pulse Research is conducting a comprehensive statewide reader shopping survey. The purpose of the survey is to provide our newspaper member advertising teams with current reader and website visitor purchasing and shopping information for advertising sales presentations.

Once upon a time, having a job at a newspaper meant working in one of the most imposing buildings in town, inhaling the acrid aroma of fresh ink and the dusty breath of cheap newsprint and feeling mini-earthquakes under our feet every time the presses started to roll. For those of us old eno…

News consumption is growing exponentially, but for the past decade, the revenue to news publishers has been on a decline. This is, in large part, because of the unbalanced relationship between news publishers and tech platforms. But that relationship could be changing thanks to the bipartisa…

"Like a trustworthy friend, a newspaper shouldn’t be afraid to hold up a mirror to the people it serves. A newspaper can ask tough questions and get more answers than the average person, and it should use that power to examine important issues and highlight solutions."

Campaigns can help news organizations build revenue through sponsorships, grow general brand awareness and cultivate a specific niche audience. Click on the link to see Ebony Reed's presentation. Ebony Reed is the director of innovation at RJI Future Labs and Missouri School of Journalism.

#2. Create a Slack channel for #readerfeedback where journalists can post positive and negative interactions with subscribers and get help answering subscriber questions. Create feedback loops with colleagues in other departments, including marketing, product and customer care.